Ex-Vice Principal, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.A in English, Education Leadership Management, PGDIC, M.S in Psychotherapy & Counseling, DMIT Analyst, NLP Practioner, Psychometerician for BAT9 Personality Assessments”

Hi, this is Life Designer Biji Tushar

Life Designer Biji Tushar is a Dynamic & Charismatic Personality, a very inspiring figure who possesses vision beyond the obvious. She is a great Orator who has the power to change perspectives. Her motivating and inspiring speeches have, not only influenced but touched the lives of millions. She keeps track of the pulse of the students & society at large. She justifies the various roles that she moulds herself into.


With her innovative thoughts and guidance, one will surely discover the path of becoming a confident and successful individual, ready to face the world whenever one finds oneself at the crossroads of life. To her credit she has 212 successful Workshops &  Seminars on various topics, inspiring all to live life to the fullest with the mantra 

“Our thoughts Shape Our Future” 

As a Successful Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Effective Trainer & a warm, loving & genuine Counsellor & Psycotherapist , she is indeed a Life Designer who knows her purpose and is enjoying life’s journey in service to humanity. 

In 2009, she started “Management Me……Insights for a lifetime” which is into the Endeavour of SERVICE & HOPE, selling dreams in schools, colleges, corporates and anyone interested in self-development, by Personality Profiling, Training and Life designing. The noble intent behind this is “Touching Hearts & Helping People Lead better lives.” Keeping in mind the lacunae in the education system and with a powerful intention to add value to the lives of people, this venture is a result of the support she received from the society at large. 

All those who have invested in Mgmnt Me have reaped fruits of happiness, joy, self- belief, Self Confidence & Self-Healing. The way she coaches people is commendable. She allows people to see the beauty within themselves, inspires them to discover their strengths and focus their mental energies towards their passion to achieve their dreams in life!She believes in designing the life of dreams and crafting a life of consciousness in every moment. She coaches individuals to craft the life of their dreams and considers it to be an art.She is indeed a master of her Art.

C.D Preview
Meditation through Creative Visualization
This audio cd is based on the concept of the law of attraction as explained in the book, “The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.” It is also based on the power of the mind in healing the body.
Spirituality as such came naturally to me and since childhood I had a great interest in knowing the answers of Questions beyond the obvious. More than asking “Why?” I would ask Why not?
After completing M.S in Psychotherapy & Counseling, I continued my Workshops with great passion and dedication, with a view of realizing my Vision-“Self – Empowerment of Individuals through Self Belief.” Till date I have successfully completed 87 workshops.
I have complete faith in the Power of the mind and this led me to reach out to people who had physical or emotional pain. Being a people’s Addict, I couldn’t hold myself back when I learned that my neighbor, Mrs. Vandana Rawal had a surgical removal of her breast due to cancer. I started giving her healing through scripts in which I firmly believed in the power of her subconscious mind. All I did was to awaken her own energies to produce endorphins (feel good hormones having rejuvenating power), visualize that the disease germs are being killed and more endorphins are being produced and finally affirm abundant Good Health and Peace continuously. This led her to a relaxed state which in turn improved her health immensely.

When I couldn’t visit her regularly, she suggested I make a C.D and that’s how I produced it. I have realized that when you have a sincere intention and you put in a lot of energy into it, providence will show you the way to actualize the vision.
I have used the same technique in this C.D, with some more improvisations so that anyone from a child to an adult can use it effectively. Without any commercials or P.R , many copies of this C.D have already been sold just by word of mouth and Facebook reviews and there is a continuous demand for the same.

CD at Rs – 99/-

Actress Jiah Khan’s suicide and the suicide of a 5th standard child (who unfortunately was inspired by it) also affected me.
This C.D is my Sincere effort to help people realize that they have in themselves the solutions to all their problems, the strength to face any adversity, to believe in themselves and live every moment to the fullest. WE ARE A PRICELESS GIFT TO LIFE. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!
With hope and faith that you would join me in this endeavor to reach out to as many individuals as Providence decides.

Life Designer Biji Tushar

Your Thoughts Shape Your Future!


  • Initiated the DOLPHIN NATURE CLUB in School in coordination with WWF – INDIA and the INTERACT CLUB in coordination with Rotary club of Goregaon west.
  • Worked as a resource trainer for teachers on various topics, one of them being the SALSEP-School Adolescence Life skills program, dealing with AIDS Awareness and Prevention, sponsored by Education Department of Mumbai, NACO and UNICEF.
  • Won many laurels in Public Speaking for the school.
  • Won 2nd prize in Teacher’s Elocution Competition at the Science Exhibition, KP (west) ward in 2010.
  • Presented & published a paper on “Opportunities & Challenges for women Entrepreneurship in India” at Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan in July 2014.
  • Recipient of BEST INTERNATIONAL TEACHER’S AWARD from SOF in 2012.
  • Recipient of Best Teacher’s Award from Lions club of Mumbai Shining in 2015.
  • Recipient of WOW entrepreneur and life designer par excellence
  • Master trainer and Certified Life Coach.
  • Received the Best Teacher’s Award from Rotary Club of Mumbai Shining.
  • Featured as a Women Achiever in on 20th July 2016.
  • My interview on being a women achiever is featured in
  • Written various articles and poems on my experiences & published in magazines and newspapers. My articles on Self Development and Parenting.Some famous articles like “language of Children”, “We are a prisoner of our thoughts” and poems like “From Sunset to Sunrise” and “Woh subaha kabhi toh aayegi” in magazines like Dimdima,
  • Kerala in Mumbai and E magazine – Cynergi Writer’s Forum.
  • Author of the book “Get Set Go!! 10 things to do when things go wrong.