Life is only 10% and the remaining 90% is how we react to it. Many events occur in our lives. Some impose a long-lasting impact while others just come and go like the wind flow.  Stress, anger, frustration, emotional and psychological torture are imminent parts of life. Yes, you heard it right, especially for souls living in small and large metro cities. Without these factors – life is no life. But the catch is – how would you tackle it? The best corporate mindfulness training programme in Mumbai, Corporate Training center in Mumbai by the renowned Life Coach – Biji Tushar is the best option you should look forward to. There should be someone to pull you back from the vicious circle of pain and sorrows called life.

Life is beautiful if it is simple. Humans have themselves made it complex. The corporate world is a tiny pound where both marvellous and atrocious fish swims together. They eat and work together but at the same time wants to influence each other. And this is what it should not be.

Today, even big corporate companies organize mindfulness training programmes for their employees. But that is not enough. The futuristic insights and zealous approach on the part of the mentor are most important to influence the intellectual minds of people in an organization.

With simple and accelerated corporate mindfulness training program by Biji Tushar clear away all your hardships at your work and personal space.