Try remembering the worst time in your life when you felt powerless, weak, disgusted and so low that you just prayed that this would pass away soon. Remembering it, hurts a little right?

Well, the past can be scary but the way I see it is either you can run from it or learn from it! What you learn from your worst times will eventually define you.

For example:

1. Imagine a situation where a teenage kid is all alone as his parents die. This is absolutely devastating but if he runs from it he will be forever hurt by it and which would eventually affect his mental health which would again affect his life OR he can accept the fact that his parents have moved to a better place and now it is his time to become an independent young man

2. You have been hurt by someone in the past and cannot forget it. You continue thinking that time will heal all wounds. Then you realize you have Psorasis and Its not healing.

3. A friend of yours has a good job but is suffering from Intermittent Panic attacks and you want to help him but don’t know how?

  • It’s not easy to accept your past and face your problems or the problems of your near and dear ones.That’s why we have developed the “Associate Counsellor Course” after years of research and practise. It is plannedin 3 Levels each of 13 hours over 3 weekends online. Practical experience is also provided.
  • The first level trains you on Basic Counselling Skills.
  • The second level trainsyou on NLP techniques in Counselling
  • The third level covers training in various Psychotherapy and Life Designing Techniques

Now I know what are you thinking, you are thinking that this course is only for counsellors and people trying to become one. That’s where you are wrong! Because it is so much more that! This course can not only train you to be a helper but it can also turn you into a smart individual who can manage his or her emotions so that they can gain utmost success and they can also help their friends or anyone else who is going through pain by giving them correct guidance.