Once in our lifetime, we all might have advice, someone, on one thing or the other. People like to give free advice to their peers. Although the authenticity of such social counselling is questionable and could worsen the emotional and mental injuries of others. It is good to help people who are not clear about which path to sail onto. But the big inquest is – how would you know whether your suggestion will make the life of the social counselee or vice-versa. Acquiring a certificate in the best counselling skills course in Mumbai from Management Me will be beneficial for you and the counselee. For you because the person who you are counselling will build unbreakable trust in you. And for counselee, because he/she would be able to make the right decision at the right time.

If you are really into counselling and want to help people. You could also take it up as a profession. What could be better than earning a livelihood while simplifying the life of people who are surrounded by obnoxious circumstances? Biji Tushar is one of the well-known faces in the country when it comes to designing life as per your terms. Getting to learn counselling skills under her supervision will empower you with an art which not many counsellors possess.

Sound counselling is a modern solution for eradicating modern problems from our lives. For a good counsellor, counselling is more than just a process of assisting people to come to terms with and clearing away all miseries of their life. At Management Me- Life Coach Biji Tushar will transform you into a counsellor every person would like to be counselled from.