Public Speaking

Given a choice most of us would want to avoid addressing a crowd as much as we can. What we fail to realize is that we lose out on an opportunity to unleash our true potential every time we choose to sit tight in our chairs instead of taking the stage. We are often given opportunities to showcase our confidence by sharing our ideas and captivating the minds of our audience with our stories. Our courses on public speaking aim to train you in harnessing your strengths and enabling you to speak confidently in public.

Following are the Public speaking courses offered by us and their contents: 

Public Speaking Crash Course – Speak Calmly
Topics covered –
• Dealing with anxiety
• Overcoming fear
• Body language
• Understanding the audience
• Platform skills
• How to make speeches that make an impact
This course will give you the best skills to make you an effective speaker in just 3 Weeks (2 Sessions/Per week)
Public Speaking Basic Course – Speak Fearlessly

Topics covered –
• Crash Course
• Presentation skills
• Audience engagement
• Improving fluency
• Speaking styles
• Creating interaction
• Asking the right questions
• Creating 1 video
This course teaches everything you learn in the crash course plus even more tips and tricks so you can speak fearlessly in just six weeks. (2 Sessions/Per week)

Public Speaking Intermediate Course – Speak Convincingly

Topics covered –
• Crash Course
• Basic Course
• Storytelling
• Creating Style
• Interview skills
• Creative Visualization
• Guided Imagery
• Recording 1 Video
In addition to the crash course and the basic course, this Course prepares you for the talk you will give in 3 months.

Public Speaking Advanced Course – Speak Confidently
Topics covered –
• Crash Course
• Basic Course
• Intermediate Course
• Voice Modulation
• Creating Energy
• Golden Formulas
• Humor
• Vocal Warmups
• TED Speaking Tips
• Handholding
• Creating 3 Videos

The complete package will surely make you a great Public Speaker!!